If you have been in a Car Accident and you’re experiencing Neck and/or Lower Back Pain, Contact our professional at LV Rehabilitation Clinic to get back in the best shape of your life and do the things that you want to be doing. Our Registered Female Physiotherapist is trained to professionally assess and treat Whiplash Injuries. You do not need a doctor’s Prescription and our Physiotherapist will assess the extent of your injuries and also deals directly with your Auto Insurance for your physiotherapy treatments.

Treatment depends on what injuries the patient has sustained. Physical therapy and rehabilitation is an intricate part of auto accident injury treatment.


When most Whiplash and Auto Injuries patients come to our clinic, they are in significant neck and low back pain. These injuries may be compounded by back pain, headaches, sprains and fractures. In most cases, Our immediate goal is to assist in relieving pain and increasing range of motion. In acute phase, low intensity Laser therapy, cold packs and IFC are best treatment options. Low intensity Laser is a painless treatment which quickly reduces swelling and bruising while stimulating tissue repair

We are committed to providing the most personalized, integrative and skilled Physiotherapy program. Physiotherapy Mississauga can help reduce pain and increase strength and muscle flexibility. Our licensed Female Physiotherapist deals with all types of Acute and Chronic pain conditions, Arthritis, Motor Vehicle Accidents and Work-place Injuries. She designs a treatment plan specifically for you which gives you long lasting results, reduce pain and help you get back to an active life.

We offer free consultation and one free physiotherapy in Mississauga session.

We achieve this through the latest technology, professionalism and proven treatment
methods some of these treatment methods include:
• 1. Ultrasound therapy
• 2. Laser therapy
• 3. Interferential therapy
• 4. Hands on manual massage therapy (mobilization, manipulation)
• 5. Mckenzie techniques
• 6. Corrective exercise
• 7. Soft tissue release technique
• 8. Erqonomic and postural advice
• 9. Functional strengthening programs


Laser therapy speeds up the recovery process by delivering light energy to the cells.
Low intensity laser therapy has proven to be highly effective when treating a wide range
of tendon and ligament injuries, arthritis, shoulder tendinitis, neck/low back pain, ankle
injuries and knee injuries. Laser therapy results in better tissue repair, reduces the scar
tissue formation and helps in healing of tendons and ligaments.
Laser treatments are painless

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